Jaltest Commercial Vehicles Diagnostic Scan Tools

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Heavy, Medium & Light-Duty Truck
Bus and Trailers

Heavy, Medium & Light-Duty Truck, Bus and Trailers

Jaltest diagnostics is the ideal choice for fleets comprising multiple brands of trucks, various engine types, and diverse systems. Use it with or without OEM software through our RP1210 compatible hardware and cables.

Kit Components and CV Software Screenshots

Jaltest stands out as the premier multi-brand diagnostic tool, offering unmatched access to a wide variety of vehicle types, makes, models, and systems, along with unique bi-directional capabilities, unmatched in the market.

1) Hardware

2) Software

3) Licenses

4) Computers

three semi trucks drive down the road during sunset
three semi trucks drive down the road during sunset

see how our diagnostic tools work here:

cv commercial truck includes the following software:

HD TrucK



Light TrucK

Light & Med-Duty


Trailer & Reefer

We invite you to explore the advantages of transitioning to our software for your maintenance facility’s needs. We’re on hand to discuss how Jaltest can enhance your diagnostic capabilities and streamline your operations, ensuring you make the most informed decision for your fleet’s future. Let’s delve into how our tool can transform your approach to fleet diagnostics and maintenance.

CV Commercial Truck software can be combined with any other jaltest software

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