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Windows software tool (Silver Snap-Tool)

  • Initial Software License (Onetime Purchase)
What we offer is a Windows software tool (Silver Snap-Tool), the Carb Certified Interface Hardware to connect the Windows computer to the vehicle, and a data transfer service to send the data read by Silver Snap-Tool to CARB. You will need one license per laptop. With this laptop, the interface hardware, and the data transfer service, you can read and report data from multiple trucks. Computer System Requirements: Standard Windows laptop with Win 10 or 11, an Intel or AMD processor, a free USB-A port and internet access. The software only requires about 200 MB free space and can run along with other programs. CARB Tester ID Number:  at least one individual will need to have passed the CARB free online training course and obtained a Tester ID #.   Additional users can be added later free of charge. Additional Requirements:
  • Must Purchase Prorated "Data Reporting Service "
  • CARB Approved Hardware Kit
Choose one:
  • USBLink3
  • DREWLinkQ